The conference will host two plenary speakers, Prof. Bryan Reynolds and Prof. Ewa Kębłowska Ławniczak. The titles of their lectures will be announced shortly.


Bryan Reynolds is Claire Trevor Professor of Drama at the University of California, Irvine. He received his PhD in English and American Literature from Harvard University, and his BA in English Literature from the University of California, Berkeley. He has held visiting professorships at the University of London-Queen Mary; University of Amsterdam; Utrecht University; University of Cologne; University College Utrecht; Goethe University Frankfurt; the University of California-San Diego; the American University of Beirut; the University of Tsukuba, Japan; Klagenfurt University, Austria; and the University of Nairobi, Kenya. And he has taught seminars and workshops at Deleuze Camp, The Grotowski Institute, Beirut’s Live Lactic Culture, the Gdańsk International Shakespeare Festival, and the Jenin Freedom Theatre, among other academic and arts institutions. He is the Artistic Director of the Amsterdam-based Transversal Theater Company, a director of theater, a performer, and a playwright, whose plays have been produced in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. His academic books include Intermedial Theater: Performance Philosophy, Transversal Poetics, and the Future of Affect; Transversal Subjects: From Montaigne to Deleuze after Derrida; Transversal Enterprises in the Drama of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries: Fugitive Explorations; Performing Transversally: Reimagining Shakespeare and the Critical Future; and Becoming Criminal: Transversal Performance and Cultural Dissidence in Early Modern England. And he is editor of Performance Studies: Key Words, Concepts, and Theories; and co-editor of The Return of Theory in Early Modern English Studies: Tarrying with the Subjunctive, Volumes I & II; Critical Responses to Kiran Desai; Rematerializing Shakespeare: Authority and Representation on the Early Modern English Stage; and Shakespeare Without Class: Misappropriations of Cultural Capital. He is also co-general editor of a book series, Performance Interventions, from Palgrave Macmillan. His books in progress include: as co-author, with Mark LeVine, Art at the Edge: Creativity and Conflict in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia; as author, Reimagining Worlds: Toward a Performance Aesthetics of Extreme Sports from Skiing to Skateboarding; as co-editor, with Sam Kolodezh, Intense Humanity: Politicizing Technicity, or Re-Feeling the Post-Human; as co-editor, with Mark LeVine, Theater of Immediacy: Social Change and Revolutionary Performance in the Middle East and Africa. Reynolds is also a regular contributor to Freeskier Magazine.


Ewa Kębłowska-Ławniczak is Professor of English Literature and Comparative Studies at the University of Wrocław, Poland and Head of the English Literature and Comparative Studies Section (Department of English Studies, Faculty of Letters). She is also Professor of Literature in English at the Philological School of Higher Education in Wrocław. She received her PhD in English Literature from Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań) and her habilitation from the Faculty of Philology, University of Wrocław. She has lectured at the University of Warwick, University of Oxford (Lady Margaret Hall), University of Tübingen,  University of Heidelberg, TU Dresden and several Polish schools of higher education and universities. At Technische Universität Dresden and York University she coordinated international workshops in trans-disciplinary studies. Her main interests derive from the field of broadly defined inter and trans-disciplinary research focusing – in earlier publications – on comparative studies, adaptation, intertextuality, interart and visuality. In later research the interest shifts to cultural geography, cityness and urbanity in spatial, sociological and political terms. The present research continues urban interests though the most recent project is concerned with paratexts and narratology in the context of performing authorship and the dilemma of intentionality in editions of contemporary drama. Her research involves the analyses of visual and verbal material. The latter includes literary and paraliterary texts form the field of contemporary drama, African novel, short story, vignette, criticism and journalism.

She has published academic books in the field of the Renaissance and Mannerism, including Shakespeare and the Controversy over Baroque; in the field of contemporary drama, including The Visual Seen and Unseen: Insights into Tom Stoppard’s Art. Her most recent book focuses on the experience of the city in contemporary plays, monologues and podcasts, From Concept-City to City Experience: A Study in Urban Drama.  The city collection of texts includes studies of African and English literature, e.g. “Fear of Multilingualism and the Uses of Nostalgia in Ivan Vladislavić’s The Restless Supermarket”, “Attempts on the ‘life’ of Johannesburg: Ivan Vladislavić’s Use of the City Portrait Genre”,  “In search of a new epistemology of the urban in the writing of Ivan Vladislavić” , and “Gentrification, Revitalisation and Storytelling: Constructions of the East End in Selected Writings by Philip Ridley”.   She has edited collections of essays in the series of PASE Papers in Literature and Culture, co-edited with Anna Cichoń Alternate Life-Worlds In Literary Fiction (Wrocław), co-edited with Wojciech Drąg  Spectrum of Emotions: From Love to Grief (Peter Lang); she is co-general editor with Ryszard Wolny of Silesian Studies in Anglophone Cultures and Literature (Peter Lang), and editor-in-chief of Anglica Wratislaviensia.